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Physical Therapy

Rocky Mountian Physical Therapy is a proud partner of IPTA. 

New Patients

Aquatic Therapy

  • Joint and core strength
  • Increased resistance
  • Decreased impact on joints
  • Balance training
  • Increased independence with functional mobility 
  • Gait training


  • Stretching program provided and demonstrated 
  • Improved symmetrical head shape (referral to helmet program if needed)
  •  Promotion of symmetrical gross motor development

High Tone and Equipment Needs

  • Stretching
  • Positioning to decrease high muscle tone/spasticity
  • Assessment/adjustment of existing equipment to promote good alignment and posture
  • Recommendations of orthotics or gait devices
  • Kinesiotaping for improved alignment 

Gross Motor Skills

  • Difficulty participating in activities 
  • Difficulty keeping up with peers 
  • Ball skills 
  • Jumping and hopping
  • Ascending/descending stairs
  • Balance and coordination 
  • Sitting, crawling, standing and walking

Abnormalitlies with Walking

  • Walking on tip-toes
  • Frequent falling or decreased awareness of environment 
  • Decreased endurance or inability to keep up 

Muscle Weakness or Low Muscle Tone

  • W-sitting 
  • Decreased arches or excessively flat feet 
  • Decrease endurance 
  • Delays with rolling, sitting, crawling, standing and walking