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IPTA at Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm 

What is Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm?

Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm is a small ADA-accessible farm just outside of old town Timnath. At the farm, there are horses, goats, chickens, and our favorite donkey Bob. The 10 acres is the perfect space for Hippotherapy, farm-based therapy, and adaptive gardening. We are proud to closely partner with IPTA to provide occupational therapy and music therapy in this unique setting. 


Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm is grateful to be funded through Integrated Cares, a local nonprofit providing funding for therapy facilities, therapy services, and rehoming gently used equipment.  This partnership allows us to provide these services including therapeutic scholarships and continue to improve Iron Horse's ADA abilities.  If you would like to see more about Integrated Cares or see how you can help, please check out their website!

Farm Therapy 

In farm therapy, we teach kids life skills utilizing the therapeutic use of animals. Our curriculum works on teaching safety, work ethic, teamwork, time and money management. Other areas include problem-solving, regulation skills, basic animal care/knowledge while using the natural environment to generalize in-clinic skills. 


Hippotherapy is the process of using the movement of the horse as a therapeutic intervention. Our program is designed to provide several benefits to our riders including; physical, emotional, sensory, cognitive, communication, and social skills through our equine-assisted activities. Utilizing the natural gait of the horse can help address body and spatial awareness, motor planning, balance, and coordination skills. We offer our services to a wide variety of abilities and diagnoses utilizing the amazing benefits of equine movement as a treatment modality. We believe in enhancing individual connection to nature and animals to increase their overall well-being.

How can I help?


We are so grateful for our volunteers! Our program is 75% run by volunteers and it would not be possible without them. We are accepting volunteers for animal care, on the weekdays and weekends, side-walking positions for hippotherapy, sibling support group assistants, and horse experienced assistants. 

If you are interested in volunteering or setting up a volunteer program, call or email Tori Schneider at 970-305-5070, [email protected] 

Donating Horses

 We are happy to accept horses that are completely sound and willing to learn.  Our program is willing to train the right horse. Contact Tori at [email protected] to talk about lease and purchase options. 

The Herd 


Cooper joined our team in 2019. He was donated by a kind family in Northern Colorado who used him like a barrel horse. Cooper’s barrel career ended due to a hoof injury preventing him from running without getting lame. Cooper loves his new job working with kids and especially loves kids brushing him and spending time with him. Cooper has an oral fixation and loves to play with everything with his mouth, he might benefit from some OT or Speech therapy for his oral fixation! 

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Cookies n’ Cream was our first therapy horse. She was raised by Taneal as her mother was Taneal’s first horse. Cookies were born in 2000 and is currently entering her retirement years. She only serves 2-3 kiddos each week as she has a couple of favorites that she looks forward to seeing each week. Cookie's favorite food is candy canes. Cookies thought she was on the home stretch towards retirement but she still remains one of our favorites and continues to be a part of our hippotherapy family. 

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Carrie was given to us by a family that just outgrew her. Carrie has a kind heart that could not hurt a fly. She has been added to our farm therapy program as our first farm therapy horse! Our kids enjoy learning how to interact with a horse with Carrie. She will hang her head down low for them to halter her and will walk behind them careful to not step on their feet. Carrie really has found her calling in her old age. 

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Cocoa is a Welsh pony born in 2010 and has a history of attending birthday parties as a party pony for kids’ rides. She joined our team in 2017 and has been such a wonderful addition. She has a kind and caring personality and wants to personally “meet” each kiddo she works with. Her smaller stature makes her less intimidating for some of our very little riders. But don’t be fooled, that little pony has a lot of sass in her body and she is not afraid to show it. Cocoa also has aspirations of starring in unicorn pictures with our special needs friends. 

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Cocoa Puff

Bio Coming Soon 

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Phoenix has two loving owners that allow us to use her as a therapy horse. She was born in 1999 as a Grade mare and has done just about everything a horse can do. She has competed in reining, jumping, speed events and more. The more they did with her the more they understood her amazing connection with humans. Phoenix had an owner at some point in her life that was not the kindest, her current owners realized that but Pheonix did not let it affect how much she wanted to connect with people. We often have to remind her that we are only here to help her, but once we do she can connect with our riders in a way many of our horses can not. 

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Bio Coming Soon 

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Ollie is one of our newest friends that we purchased from a livestock auction. We could not pass up this kind hearted, perfectly sized horse as he passed through the sale. Due to the nature of his purchase, we know nothing about our friend Ollie's past. The vet guessed Ollie was born around 2002 and through behaviors, we believe he was used as a kids calf roping horse. Now we love having him in our program and he is a great horse for our kiddos that need a little smaller horse. 

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Bob is our protector of all. If anything is happening on the Farm he is sure to let us know about it. With his huge ears and soft nose, he is a fan favorite with the kiddos. Bob was donated to our program in 2020 as a 6 month old colt. Bob was originally Lola May until it was discovered that Lola was actually a male. 

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